Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Sick Weekend

Hi RJ,

Your first full weekend at home and your Dad got sick. You will never remember this, but I am sure between my constant coughing, raspy voice, and my mask over my face so I would not infect you, you must have been thinking what is up with this guy. "Dad you are embarassing me already"

Ok, so you are probably not that advanced in thinking yet. We like to make up little stories about what is going through that mind of yours because we have no idea.

I missed being and doing things with you this weekend. I even missed changing diapers, who would have thunk it. (don't tell mommy, she may want me to do it all the time) and by the way, the one you gave me tonight was lethal man. Not sure how something that goes in your system as white and odorless, came out green and with such stink. PS Waiting til I had you all cleaned up and putting the desitin on, to push more poop out, nicely played my friend. Let's not do that again shall we? Anyway you darn near killed me tonight with that one, hadn't seen one like that before and was not prepared.

What I missed most and will always miss most from you at this age as you get older, the feedings. RJ, you act like you have never had anything to eat in your life and you are not sure when you will be able to again. The most precious thing is when your lips finally find the nipple of the bottle, how you force your head into it like it is life or death, then afterwards that look of contenment, like ahhh, that is all I need in my life to make me happy. I will miss the sounds, the little coos, the little grunts. I will miss the way you turn and look at me when I am trying to burp you as if to say Ok dad enough of this, give me more food. But also sometimes how content you just get by me patting your back or rubbing your back. They say babies find burping soothing, not quite sure how, maybe one day you can tell me. Maybe not.

Little things I will take with me as you grow up. Part of me wishes you could stay this way forever, (minus the waking up every 4 hours and changing diapers). Part of me can't wait til your old enough to go out in the yard and throw the ball around with me.

One thing I will try not to do, is to speed you up or slow you down. I want to enjoy each day as it comes, watching you grow up and learn new things.

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