Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ok Lets Try This.....

So in this world of blogging, I thought it would be kind of cool to keep a diary of my life with my new son. I am hoping it will be something I can share with him as he gets older. Of course by the time he is old enough to read, blogs will probably obsolete but I will try it anyway.

So this is how we came to know our son. Friday October 30th, approx 1 pm, I recieved a call while out with our OP Bob, asking me could I come pick up a baby tonight. Things got stranger from there. We met with the birthparents on Sunday evening Nov 1st. Bobby and Nicole were wonderful people who just realize they couldn't give their son the kind of life he deserved. They met us, and believed RJ would have a wonderul home and family for the rest of his life. We are so blessed that they made that decision and that they have entrusted us with their child.

It wasn't quite easy as all that. We had to go to family court to clear some things up with the State Dept of Health. As of Monday Nov 2nd, we were appointed RJ's legal guardians and got to meet him, hold him and feed him on Monday Nov 2nd. The night before, RJ spiked a bit of fever so he needs to stay in the hospital a little bit longer. He has lots of new friends and family praying for him, and who can not wait to meet him.

RJ seemed to click right away with Diane and me and he was very calm and relaxed with us. He didn't eat well that morning, but made up for it that afternoon eating 2 and a half bottles in about 3 hours time.

November 3rd, election day not a good day for democrats but a pretty good day for RJ. He got to meet his Nana, his temperature was remaining close to normal and his appetite has stayed strong.

After two days here is what I know about my son.

He hates when he can't move his arms and legs freely, I can totally relate.
He likes to have a bottle in his mouth (hmmmm)
He likes to sleep and gets pretty upset if you disturb him (hmmmmm)
He has a bit of an Irish temper (hmmmm), he did not like has bath tonight, and he wasn't afraid to let everyone know about it. (hmmm am I vocal when I do not like something?)
Ok so far we have a lot in common.

We can't wait for RJ to come home with us. I am much more into this than I thought I would be. I am much more emotional than I ever thought I would be. I don't know if he will ever know how much it means to us to have him as a part of our family, but I intend to do my best to show him.

Welcome to this world Randy Joseph Corcoran, we intend to make this world as enjoyable as we can for you. You had a rough beginning to your life, and you are a tough little guy.


  1. This is awesome. I am so happy for you and D.

  2. Randy , you made me laugh and cry , with your blog comments. I look forward to following your journey into fatherhood! RJ is one lucky baby boy! Congratulations !!

  3. Randy, this is such a wonderful idea to keep this blog to share with your son later. He is such a lucky little guy to find his way to you. Congrats again to you and Diane!