Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 1 Almost Done

Well RJ, tomorrow will be a week since we brought you home from the hospital. It is not a coincidence that I haven't written since the first night you came home. You have been keeping your mom and me awake at night and running around wondering how to make things better for you. You have met so many friends and family. You have brought so much joy to so many people. People have been so generous and can not do enough for baby RJ.

Everyday, we are seeing you do some new things. You have no problem letting us know when you don't like something, even it is something we do for your own good. Every day you keep your eyes open a little bit more than the day before. You are trying so hard to learn how to control that neck and head of yours. You have found your mouth with your hands, you have found your ears, and you have no idea yet how much those fingernails of yours hurt.

I can not wait for all the 'firsts' you have yet to do or experience in your life.

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