Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little blog

A blog about the little things. As I was trying to sleep earlier, I started thinking about babies and their parents. I couldn't get a rhyme out of my head for some reason, maybe I heard it before, maybe I was creative, but I started thinking little people, little clothes, little fingers, little toes. Maybe I should be writing greeting cards. Maybe it is a lack of sleep. Who knows?
Anyway, today as I said started me thinking about the baby parent relationship. As parents, we give them a whole lot of love. We give them a whole lot of care. It sometimes seems like a thankless job, especially early on, there isn't a whole lot of interaction from the baby.
Then you get a little smile, you get a little something new everyday. You get a new trick that the baby does and it gives you such delight. We cheered like crazy when he rolled over from his tummy to his back. We laughed so hard we first saw that gummy smile. As parents we give alot, and get the little things in return. But those little things the baby gives you are huge for them, and huge for us as well.

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