Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's New in the Life of RJ

Well RJ, on Sunday you officially started crawling, not quite getting your belly off the ground, but you are crawling using your belly and elbows. Also last week, you started giving 5 to people, some time more intentional than others. Today you also started trying to clap your hands, that still needs some work, but you are trying your hardest. One of the other biggest things I have noticed, is that when eating, you now know when to move your head when putting your bib on, and taking it off. It is the funnies thing, how you know exactly when, where and how to move your head to make it work. You are quite the wiggle worm lately, definately know what you want, how to get to it, and know to be upset when we don't let you have your way. You are also quite strong in body, will and mind.
In other words, you are the perfect 10 month old little boy, so strong, smart, and healthy. Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician to see exactly how much you have grown.
Again I will tell you RJ, you have no idea how much joy and happiness not only to your mother and me, but to our family and friends. You are one special little boy, special person. Do not forget that. You can have whatever you want in this life, as long as you work for it and keep the right attitude.
One last side story that made me smile. At Giant yesterday, two ladies came over to look at you, and made such a fuss over you. That is nothing new. As you and I were walking away, I overheard the one lady saying to the other, that you were going to be a heartbreaker when you grow up. That made me smile, as they said it, without realizing I could still hear it.
It is so hard to imagine our life now without you. You have brought so much to our family and our lives.

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