Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Year Ago......

One year ago today, as it is officially November 6th, you came home with us. This year was a whirlwind, and you have turned our lives upside down. This time went by so quickly. You have developed quite the little personality already, and can charm the coldest heart. I said this before, and I will say it again, but you have brought so much joy into so many lives, I do not think you will ever be able to comprehend this.

So, what are you to these days. You love hats, you love when people wear hats. You love pulling them off people, you love trying to put them back on people. You have toys all over the floor, but nothing quite brings you the joy of when I put a hat on my head.

You have a very simple one sylable laugh of just ha, but it is infectous. If someone does not pay attention to you, you do your best to make them notice you. You are quite the ham and flirt.

You are pulling yourself up on all the furniture and have an eagle eye to find whatever you should not have. You love our laptop computers, remote controls and cell phones, and you never miss a chance to try to get at any of them.

You love walking by holding our fingers. As soon as you start walking, you give us that one sylable laugh that cracks us up.

You had your first Halloween and we took you trick or treating to our neighbors houses. They gave you candy, but we ate it on you. Sorry about that, you were too young for it. Mommy picked your costume, you will probably not be surprised to hear it was as a race car driver.

One year has gone by, you have changed so much, and you have changed us so much as well, for the better no doubt. You challenge me every day, to be better than I am, and you have no idea that you do that.

We could not ask for a more pleasant, happy little boy. You have completed our little family, and have been a blessing to everyone who knows you.

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