Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Quick post, but relevant to tonight and most days.

I severely understimated your charm. I never thought anyone could be so made and frustrated one second, and laughing and smiling the next. You do that frequently, and to me and your mom as well.

Tonight, and this is not rare, you wake up screaming bloody murder, we pick you up and comfort you, then the next minute you look at us and laugh and smile. As mad and frustrated as we maybe, that smile and laugh melts our heart and we can not help but smile and laugh in returne.

Friday, December 16, 2011

So Close......


You are starting to take you first steps, and soon you will be walking. A big deal for you, a bit scary for me. Don't get me wrong, I take a great deal of pride in you with every step you take. It is just amazing how big and smart you are becoming. Soon I will need to be running after you as you run away from me.

You are becoming quite the Mini-me. I took a drink and let out a refreshing "ahhhh" afterwards, that entire day, everytime you saw me take a drink, you echoed that "aaahhhh". Last Sunday we watched the Eagles Dolphins game together. Once the Eagles scored, I held your arms up and said touchdown, now everytime I say touchdown, you mimmick that and hold your hands over your head, just like the ref would.

Tonight, you me and your mom, spent one of those moments, that could never be planned or duplicated ever again. You were fighting us going to sleep, after about an hour, we were laying in bed, I was holding you, your mom was next to me. You looked at me and gave me one of your smiles that could melt the coldest heart, and one of your little ha ha's, I can't help but smile and laugh a little myself. That just encouraged you to laugh more, and before too long the three of us were in hysterics.

You are developing quite the personality. You love people, you know what you want, and are not happy when you do not get your way. All in all, you are such a happy (but a little stubborn) little boy. You are changing so much and learning so much every day.

Friday, December 9, 2011

So Big

Every day seems like something new these days. Every day you learn and do something different. In the last couple days, you have started to take your first steps. Still not quite there yet, but every day brings you ever so close. You are getting braver, able to cruise around the furniture with ease, every now and then letting go before ultimately falling on your butt.
You are laughing more at things we do. You immitate us when we make a sound or a face or a gesture. You clap your hands on demand, you do so big, and when I say "oh no", you put your hands on the side of your head.
You are all boy. You love to wrestle with me on the floor, you love to try to sneak up on me and lunge on me or try to crawl up my back. You don't go around anything, you try to go through, over, or under whichever is called for at the time. Tonight you pulled yourself up on back, I tried to ignore you, and you would have none of that. You kept trying to sneak around to catch my attention, before finally grabbing my face and turning it towards you. I can now say come and see daddy, and you will smile and crawl over towards me.
You want to explore everything, touch everything, know why and how everything happens. You do your best to let everyone know you are around and seem to make everyone smile when you smile.
Believe me when I tell you, fatherhood, and parenthood in general is not easy, it is hard, but moments like the ones I described make it all worthwhile.