Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Say my name....

Rj, this past Saturday, for the first time ever you said your own name. You said it over and over that night as we made a fuss over it. Since then, whenever we ask what your name is, you just keep putting both hands on your chest. :-) We had two parties this past Sunday, and you really wore out me, your mom and both your grandmothers. You just keep wanting to explore more and more, and going up and down steps fascinate you. The problem is, you are not just content in going up and down the steps, in the way that most toddlers do, you want to try to go up and down like we do. Going up is ok, going down.....not so much, luckily we have been there to catch you. You are starting to spoon feed yourself, although after a while you resort to using your hands and fingers. You seem to like avoid going to sleep by asking for drinks. We are still not sure if you are really that thirsty, or if you are trying to kill time so you do not have to go to sleep. Hats, and Sesame Street are your big things right now. Elmo and Cookie monster are big hits, and you trying to say cookie (in the cookie monster voice) is very entertaining. You have also started doing a sssshhh shound after you scream, taking a page from me and your mom you try to ssshh you after you scream. You like to make a game out of everything, even the simplest things. You can not just come and sit on my lap, you need to walk backwards and then fall backwards on to my lap. You are developing quite the little personality, and like to be the center of attenton. If you are not, you do whatever you can to draw attention to yourself. (ps I seem to have the same affliction) You continue to want to touch things we keep telling you not to, ie our computers, our phones our remotes etc.... Our saying no seems not to deter you, but only serve as a challengs. I catch you with the remote, you throw it on the ground and runaway like you had nothing to do with it. You are so smart, and continue to test the limits, especially my limits. The funny thing is that I always thought myself to be too selfish to be a dad, and that is still a very real fear I have, but you continue to teach me and challenge me to become a better person and parent. Someone who makes me want to be better than what I am. And for that I thank you.

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