Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moments that Matter

Moment 1:
RJ woke up. I went to see what was wrong. He was standing in his crib. I asked did he need a new diaper, he said yes. I changed him, he was practically falling asleep while changing him. I finished, picked him up, put him back in his crib and he wasn't happy. I asked did he want me to hold, he said yeah. I picked him, he pointed to the rocking chair and said sit. So I sat down while holding him, rocked him for a bit. I stood up thinking he was ready to go back to sleep, he said "no, sit" So we sat back down rocked some more. I could tell he was getting restless, I asked him did he want to go back in the crib, he said yeah. I asked did he want to go back to sleep, he said yeah. I laid him in his crib, he asked for his blanket, I covered him and back to sleep he went.

Moment 2:
 I couldn't sleep. When in to check on RJ. He was awake, looked at me and I saw him shiver a little bit. I asked did he want his blanket back on him, he smiled, put his head down, covered him and back to sleep he went.

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