Sunday, February 17, 2013

Looking in the Mirror

Once again, it has been way too long since I updated this blog.

Life keeps getting more and more interesting since you have joined our family. On New Years Eve, I had you watch Paul McCartney with me. You confused him with Murray from the Wiggles. You had been a Wiggle junky at this point in time. I decided it was time to introduce you to the Beatles. The Beatles replaced the Wiggles (though the Wiggles still rate high up there) and we must watch a Hard Days Night at least once a day now. As much as I love the Beatles, I must say, you may even push my limits on them. Although, that is not a bad thing in my book. You love acting out all the scenes in the movie, and you seem to know all your videos inside and out, and even when we think you are not paying attention, you always know exactly what is happening.

You are starting to mimick everything everyone does and say, especially me. One of my favorite things you do right now, when we ask a question, you say hmmmm and put your finger over your mouth.

You definately know what you like and what you do not like, and you are not shy about letting us know the difference. Right now your favorite foods are waffles, pancakes, pizza, pickels, cheese and PB&J sandwiches. You love music, love to dance and sing. You love playing with your cars and love looking at books and magazines.

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