Friday, February 20, 2015

Been Too Long So Many Changes


I have realized that it has been a year and a half since I last posted. So much has changed, including you. I had decided to take a break for a while, (although I did not attend it to year and a half) as it seemed like it was a lot of the same stuff, me telling you how wonderful you are (were).

Yes you are still wonderful and becoming quite the little man. Your intelligence and memory continues to amaze both Mom and me. We have gone through several changes since I last posted. We moved from our house in Reading, to Nana's house until we could find another house. Than from Nana's house to our new house in Schuylkill Haven. I changed jobs, once, twice, or three times. You adapted to everything. You love your new home, your new room, and probably most of all, you have a playroom now. (someday could be man cave)

I don't know if you will have children in your future. If you do, you will always be questioning yourself. I hope I am around to see it. I'll do the famous parent wish "I hope you one just like you". We had someone tell us when you were only a year old, the good news is you have a strong willed child, the bad news is you have a strong willed child"

The constant struggle is what is out of control and what is being a 4 year old? You did not come with an owners manual. I am sure you sound ten times louder to us than you do to everyone else. Anyway, I hope you know how hard we tried, we have always done what we thought was best for you, including moving and changing jobs.

To quote a line from the show Cheers "living with you is like living in a jungle. I am not sure what is going to happen next and it scares me" It is always an adventure, and no matter what happens we always seem to be able to laugh about it. Let's keep going that way.

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